One of the tools God uses to give us revelation is the questions:

One thing to know that the earth is round, another thing to know why the earth is round. One thing is knowing that I was born, another thing to know because I was born.

The what? has to do with the level of knowledge, why? has to do with the level of disclosure. The point is that only the level of disclosure does not take access to the hidden treasures that God has for us at this time. Hence the importance and urgency of prayer run Apostles Ephesians 1.15-23. I emphasize that this type of intercession born apostolic mantle, ie parental coverage, which gives birth to their children so they know the way wherein I should walk.

It is time to receive treatment and Juan blind process 9.1.7:

ü Jesus returned to the matter of where it was taken (ground). Many

conflicts arise and are resolved to return the very beginning.

ü Jesus made clay, as the Father forming Adam and I play something that even

that time had never been touched, the eyes. In the Old Testament

no blind man was healed, but if the new covenant, which is no longer

shadow but of substance, not figures, but of funds.

ü Jesus commissioned, without taking their own responsibility that should go to the well of Siloam, bringing a message of responsible freedom is understood in the new covenant, God will do what I do.

ü Jesus knew that blindness would end forever to go to the source and essence of God himself, sending the water you would see and understand

that there was more, he understood that God was not punishment but the predestined,

understood his identity he said · “I am”, from there came to see.

Psalm 121 has often been treated as a basic psalm, a psalm to sleep or travel, yet under the revelation of the Holy Spirit we can access new dimensions of understanding that seek to make us more responsible, obedient and precise driving of the work of God.

An example. The psalm says: The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming Lord Why save the output and input?, You save and go out is because these are critical and decisive victory in any company and are now attacks the darkness .

1. The sun does not strike you by day nor the moon by night. (The system hidden)

It is easy to understand that we can strain the sun by day, but how is it that
the moon will fatigue at night?. When something does not fit me, has to do

with something else. Everything in the kingdom of God should fit “bone to his

bone “. Ezequiel.37.7

The term “Sun and Moon”, this referring to a system created by the architects of darkness. Since ancient times the sun and moon gods were taken as objects of worship and offering. The man began to worship what not to worship and fell under his domain.

System Definition: A system is a set of organized and related elements that interact to accomplish a goal. The systems receive (input) data, energy or matter from the environment and provide (output) information, energy or matter, is pursuing a particular outcome.

The purpose of this system (sun and moon) is, that men of all times remain as slaves in spirit, soul and body, without discovering the true freedom and less purpose in life.

Slavery is the situation in which an individual is under the control of another,

losing their abilities to provide for himself.

In an EIDE connection, is the device that has no priority. It is also known

as a slave or secondary device.

Slavery – The men, conditioned by many circumstances imposed by the environment, serve as slaves to a level of reality beyond the illusion that the shadows and sleep. Grant tied to the senses that imaginary world reality. …

What we see in the next few years a growing confrontation
stronger between the system of God and the world system.

The man was to exercise dominion echo but ended up being dominated by

what should dominate. The sun rose to cult and worship.


(Jer_15: 9; Amo_8: 9; Mic_3: 6). The contemporary pagan peoples of the Hebrews worshiped the sun, especially in Babylonian Sippar and Larsa (or Samas) and the Egyptians under the name of Ra, to On (see Beth-shemesh, “house of the sun”, or Heliopolis , “Sun City”, other names given to On, Jer_43: 13; Gen_41: 45). The prophets brought the Israelites on guard against all these forms of paganism, but the solar cult gained, however, favor among them (cf. QUMRAN [MANUSCRIPTS], f).Apostate Israel erected altars to the host of heaven (2Ki_21: 5), offered incense to the sun, he engaged horses (2Ki_23: 5, 11, cf. The Persian cult, Herodotus 1:189, 7:54). The idolaters sent kisses to the stars, throwing hand (Job_31 :26-27). The term Heb. “Hammanim” has been translated “images” (or columns, stelae) consecrated to the sun (Lev_26: 30; 2Ch_14: 5, 34:4, 7, Isa_17: 8, 27:9; Eze_6: 4, 6). But it has been discovered in Palmyra an altar bearing a name related to the Heb. “Hammanim.” Thus, the “images” or “columns” dedicated to the sun might as well be burned altars where incense (cf. Hos_4: 13). Megiddo altars were found in similar, previous to the tenth century BC and were used for the worship of Baal.


That which should serve to mark time, end time defining
and the slave of this man. EYE on the system of God not retire. Josue.14.11

The word fatigue is MOCTHOS, means work, involving a painful effort, translates to hard work.

God created man to work, but not this way. Man
should work but with a force that only God gives the system, work

would bring him joy.

The expression “eat your bread with the sweat of thy brow” is a sentence of curse, which does not apply to those who entered the system of God. Genesis 3.19
Jesus said: Come to me the heavy laden I will give you rest.
Another translation of the text says that the sun will not make you evil eye
The entire world system has to do with witchcraft and manipulation.

It is the serpent Python.

It is a system designed to get you: life, time, joy, dreams, and so on.
Robert Kiyosaky, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, calls this trap

System, “rat race” and states that the new form of slavery.

The example of Japan.
A biblical example

They put 1:11.14 Exo then over them taskmasters to afflict them with expensive works in the building of Pithom and Ramses, the Pharaoh store cities.

Working for a company is the most basic level you can move.

Note that the result of this work, we would neither of them nor their children.
The system is designed that way. A small part is from the produced
and the maximum of those running.

The accumulation of wealth is a sign of the last time. Santiago 5.1.6

Exo 1:12 But the more they are oppressed, the more they grew and multiplied, and came to fear the children of Israel.
Exo 1:13 They subjected the Egyptians to the children of Israel a cruel bondage,
Exo 1:14 making life bitter with hard labor in mortar, bricks and country, cruelly forcing them to do what you demanded.

It has to do with a system made to dominate.


Get you there much difference between something and plant something.

What never comes out and if I will never fully compensate for the out. What is it worth my time? Always the best part of the take others.

The first job was to plant the seed Father. Gen. John 15.1 2.15

In God’s system is based on the seed, ie there must be sowing
to work, but the difference is always on the back planting a crop multiplied. The best example is the insemination of organic seed in the womb of a woman.

All you sow into the kingdom of God, activate a principle of this system, but that activation will bring back the seed multiplied hundreds of thousands of times, because the only system that is God multiplies. Psalm 126.5
Therefore He says:

Multiply your strength. Isaiah Deuteronomy 8.13 40.29 gold and silver


Slaves sudan.

The free working to conquer and take what is for their children

The high priest gives us ◦ eg Leviticus 16:4 explains how Aaron was to enter the holy place: “He shall put the holy linen coat, and your body will have linen breeches, and will adhere to the linen girdle, and with the miter Linen will be covered. ”
What protected the sweat was high priest of fine linen. The fine linen cloth was that had the capacity to absorb perspiration.

God’s presence is key to their system. It is your presence, but not any of the courts not the saint, but of the holy. Because the man returns to home to work on the forces of God. Exodus 33.14

Then the fine linen speaks of being covered. Coverage is not a fad, not an option but an apostolic teaching restored in recent times. Coverage is a fundamental part of God’s system as it absorbs sweat.


Revelation 19.8, reveals a very strong box.
It is the glorious church that marries the Lamb, but has a characteristic, has entered the system of God, and is clothed in fine linen, has cover, was prepared, under, amendments made, correct, and reached a level level of being clothed in fine linen, where it transpires, however, has done a great work because it says that fine linen is the righteousness of SAINTS What actions?
A church that is actions that work most of their forces in the system of God doing the good works that God established in advance. They are set just works in the justice of God. Ephesians 2. 10.
Israel could move day and night. Exodus 13: 21.22

5. A SYSTEM ON THE SYSTEM. John 15.18.19

We are a system within another system, a nation within a nation.
A town in another.

God gives a dream to Joseph. Genesis 37.9

The prophetic dream was misinterpreted.

See the birth of interpretation equipment.
Joseph saw the sun and moon and 11 stars that he recognized, ie where the exercising dominion and authority. This figure was not his family, it never happened.

This is only true when he was called before Pharaoh. Genesis 41.8.36
Sun and moon representing a system and the eleven stars, all the movement of witchcraft in Egypt plotted at number 11.

The number 11 is known as a wrong number.

Jose implemented a plan which should induct the harvest, which was not conceived by the Egyptians, who did not consider the number five, because governing
fractions through the eye of Horus, in which the number five was a non-existent.

Genesis 41.34. Joseph started the harvest with the number five.

6. System dependencies. Colossians 3.2

The world system depends on the land. (Materialism, opportunities, contacts, companies, trends).

The world system leaves a land without a heaven, which is unusual because
The land always lives in connection with heaven. Even after all John saw

a new heaven and earth. Apo.21.1

The system works in the kingdom on earth but its provision is in heaven.

For this reason a prince of Samaria was right and knowledge of this truth, but not revelation, he knew that there was a sky, but did not think it could be opened. 2 Kings 7.1.2.

You have to believe that the heavens can open and open with the master key that is decimated.

Deuteronomy 28.12

Vault: Sky, heaven, infinite in heaven is the sky,

The sky: Is the deposit of God’s blessings is where God wants us, House of God: God is the shelter of his house where he lives

Safe: Treasure Chest.

God is one who manages the sky: He governs, manages, directs, commands or has all that is in the sky.
In the sky there DEPOSITS.

The treasure is salvation, healing of your family, life, happiness, wealth, money, jewelry, securities or precious objects gathered and stored. Abundance of a flow saved.

DEPOSIT: These are deposits of money hidden or ignored
or precious objects.
Deuteronomio26: 15, 28:12, Mateo13: 44

7. A KEY poorly understood. Mal 3-8.12

Inevitably the system enters the kingdom by tithing.
Actually the key is obedience embodied in tithing.

The number ten is perfect man, I put it in both hands so I would not forget.
Tithing is accurate.
Something is something timely accurate, true, genuine, which soon, complete, accurate.

Tithing is the covenant, the covenant people costing you always have problems with
Accuracy. John Lucas 22.14 2.4.

Tithe seeks to form complete obedience in our lives.

In Genesis 24, the old servant of Abraham took him ten camels on the way to the land of Rebecca to take a wife for Isaac. After arriving there, Rebecca “took (water) for all his camels.” The servant then gave him two bracelets of gold weighing ten cycles. The mother and brother of Rebecca wanted her to stay with them for at least ten days (Gen. 24:55). This speaks of perfection.
Tithing is perfect.

The number ten was included as a legal number for Jewish marriage. Matthew 25.1.13
Among the rituals and customs, the bride included the husband wait another 9 maidens, having ten lamps lit.

It meant burning love, waiting disposal.

There is no marriage without decimating.

OTHER FIGURES The ten lepers: Luke 17.11.19

ü There were many. It was the evil of the age.

ü Jesus entered a village of them on purpose. He came to bring integral freedom.

ü He came to sanctify something that had degenerated.

What happened to law legalism. From start to meaningless ritual. Matthew 23.23

ü the law that was put to leprosy in these villages, confining

to live in a miserable way.

ü Jesus fulfilled the law, but I get the principle of the law on freedom

taking just 10 lepers.

ü tithing as it was locked.

ü Jesus toward the lepers to go and while powering healed. Tithing is used only in action.

ü But then Jesus made a change, while bag 10, became one, ie

The tithe of ten. This came with the revelation of the new covenant of love and gratitude.

This was more, because he discovered the key that would serve not only to

a miracle but for a lifetime. The principle to the Gentiles.


When a minister does not tithe is in heaven to the church closing.
When a minister does not tithe is manipulating her children.
When a Minister retains its tithes, is bringing decay.
When a minister does not tithe in the revelation of the new covenant is
reflecting internal problems of the heart.


Rev 7:9 After this I looked, and behold a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and the Lamb, clothed in white robes, and palms in their hands;

Rev 7:10 And cried with a loud voice: Salvation belongs to our God which sitteth upon the throne and the Lamb.

Rev 7:11 And all the angels were standing around the throne and the elders and the four beasts, and fell on their faces before the throne and worshiped God,

Rev 7:12 saying, Amen. Blessing and glory and wisdom and thanksgiving and honor and power and might, be unto our God for ever and ever. Amen.

Rev 7:13 Then one of the elders answered, saying, These that are clothed in white robes, who are, and where did they come?

Rev 7:14 I said, Lord, thou knowest. And he said, These are they which came out of great trev 7:16 They shall hunger or thirst, the sun shall not strike them, nor any heat.

The church that was left after the rapture among other things, never got out of the sun’s domain (system).

ANNEX TOPIC: Trends that will be increasingly so OUR


The disintegration of the family as God’s design through to talk about couples, same-gender unions and the like.

Increasingly permissive laws and based on self-gratification to the point that if “you feel good, that’s fine.”

Valuation of the indefinite, of the hybrid, the androgyny.

Exponential accumulation of wealth in a few, big business and corporations.

The growing and progressive devaluation of the human being, prioritizing interests, and similar systems.

A consolidation of the phenomenon of globalization.

The technological transformation of all things growing and irreversible process.

The growing and progressive process of handling all things through systems that control and direct.

The fomentation of small families and the postponement of motherhood in women.

1. Everything is a platform for global government of Antichrist.

By Rev. Carlos Uribe

Chile Emanuel Apostolic Network


Lord Jesus, I acknowledge that I come from a line of sin from Adam, that my human soul can not reach you, but I need you. He revives my soul, wash the blood shed on the cross, enter me and make me a new creation, born again, and write my name in heaven

Thank you, because by this prayer, I have become your son and you in my Father, knowing you want the best for me and mine.

I acknowledge you as my Lord and Savior of my Soul.


Apostle Carlos Uribe



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