Ecclesiastes 4: 7 to 9 / S. Matthew 13:47 and 48


Transition is a verb that means to move from one state to another. The church was in a format that worked for some time, but through the revelation decades grew and now we see a little more light and clarity. The Holy Scriptures reveal to us a design, a model shaped by God to whom the church has not respected for years. But God has begun a transition from the leadership to his designs, which he left clearly represented in the Scriptures and the church has not fully respected.




A) – Romans 12:2, the consequence of our spiritual renewal will determine the good will of God for us, which is good and acceptable and perfect.


1) – This statement is perfect, precise and accurate and no error.


2) – We are imperfect, but God is perfect in their designs.


B) – The church was designed by God and therefore perfect.Colossians 2: 8-15: the church dwells all the fullness of Deity dela.


1) – The reason why it has not appeared in the fullness of Deity dela church, it has not respected the design.


a) – We’ve got your hands on the issue and changed by regulation principles.


b) – We have modified design tradition.


c) – We have changed spiritual values ​​of religion.


2) – The program of God for the church to express the fullness dela Deity, has been blocked by the man.


a) – Perhaps with the best intentions, but without respecting the Scriptures.


3) – For this transition is to move from a model of customs and traditions, to the designs of God who are in another dimension.


a) – So you have to reread the Scriptures, especially the New Testament.


b) – Read an apostolic worldview, to see clearly the designs of God.


4) – This transition has led to the Lord, this has no home in any man.


a) – So you have to understand that the Lord is making strong changes in the church.




A) – All changes are uncomfortable, when we get used to something and God comes to change, that makes us uncomfortable.


1) – When it comes to the original designs of God, we are bothering people.


2) – God is going to alter our programs, will alter people, days of our comfort are numbered.


a) – We have become unproductive, so God breaks to bother us.


3) – When Jesus gave the Great Commission, He did not say that we stay, he said, “ID”.


a) – He ordered us to put all the potential we have from Him, to carry out the task.


b) – can not continue with a comfortable attitude.


4) – The dynamics of the Kingdom, breaks with our behaviors, thoughts, molds and drives us out.


B) – Man in his original design was not created for heaven, but to the earth.


1) – The man must affect the earth and reach all nations.


a) – Appreciate this time of transition leaving human models and embrace their designs.


2) – There are principles and issues that we must change as our vocabulary.


a) – which runs counter to what God says in His Word.


b) – speak evil and must review it, so what we say is consistent withthe Word of God.




A) – Proverbs 23:7: “…. because he thinketh in his heart, so is he …”. Everything goes through the inside, not outside.


1) – We have to have impregnated the mind with the Scriptures.


2) – Any person not permitted to be penetrated Porla Word, not going to progress in their thinking.


a) – Philippians 4:8 and 9: “… whatever is true … think on these things …”


b) – Word and insert it offends your thinking area to break the wing of thought that opposes God’s Word.




A) – A leader with apostolic mentality, is a leader who has been freed from bondage thinking, for work of greater scope.


1) – When it comes to the apostolic, not just about the Apostolic Ministry.


a) – We are referring to all trades that make up the design of Ephesians 4:11.


b) – Failure to understand these truths, is to run the high risk of equivocal stand on end.


c) – would like to accept this time, as is the apostolic fashion (apostolitis).


d) – It would be a misunderstanding of God’s design.


2) – It would be terrible to be filled with Apostles, and no longer have Pastors, Teachers, Evangelists and Prophets.


3) – It would be terrible to be filled with pastors and evangelists, as in the past, and there are no Apostles, Prophets and Teachers.


a) – Each of the offices, working within the program of God.


b) – one another are more than necessary.


c) – The apostolic is not only working there Apostles, but the five ministries with different ranges of authority, in the same direction.


B) – Apostolic Mentality is a Kingdom mentality. This concept can not be disproved.


1) – So the design is framed by four walls.


2) – We have minimized certain passages of the Book, we have reduced by less than the design concept of the Kingdom.


3) – The apostolic frees us to work more comprehensive, so:


a) – Your level of preparation should be commensurate to the size of your call.


b) – Your mind must be renewed by the Spirit of God.


c) – According to what you think, is how you function.


C) – To adopt the apostolic model and mentality, involves working:


1) – In the conception of the Kingdom, in the nature of the Kingdom, one of the principles is to work hard.


a) – On this basis, we must make changes.


2) – The changes involved discomfort and you have to do it with patience, wisdom and love.


a) – This is not an overnight, is a process of time.


D) – The good news is that the vision leads us to work in networks and ministry teams.


1) – We talk about Kingdom within our IQ, but really only speak for information.


2) – The reality is that we speak of the Kingdom by revelation and life.


3) – When the Bible speaks of network and ministry teams, we’re talking about the vital principle of the body.


a) – If you and my body is not revealed to us, the transition is going to make it long and impossible.


E) – Now is the time of body and ministry teams.


1) – One of the things that hard to admit when we are in the pastoral mentality is:


a) – The gift predominant in the other.


b) – The rivalry prevailed for many years.


2) – are the lone rangers do not recognize the gift in the other.


a) – Perola Writing takes you to the recognition and this is a law.(All that I do not recognize will leave my life, but everything that I recognize will remain and will add to my life).


3) – Because of that we were not revealed the body, we have ignored the law of recognition. When recognized body:


a) – Each minister according to the gift he received.

b) – Each minister according to the creativity that received the Holy Spirit.


c) – The Holy Spirit as He willed distributed gifts and ministries.


d) – Knowing that the Spirit and the Lord is the same. 1 Corinthians 12:1 to 31.


4) – The competitive mentality and religious led us to ignore the gift that operates in the other.


a) – So there was a generation of pastors who want to do everything.


b) – Under this conception stifle the talents that are growing in congregations.


c) – So individualism prevailed.


5) – But the church is a body. How many churches are in Mendoza?


a) – The United mathematics is simple: “a”.


b) – Our accustomed to the institutional lexicon tells us, “several”.


c) – John in Revelation wrote “a” one church in each city.


6) – When you learn to work together, one day you have, but get what you do not have. Addition and not subtraction.


a) – supports and does not remove the support.


b) – The link is not competition but “love”


c) – all work individually to join the establishment of the Kingdom of God.


d) – You have an identity of United to score.


e) – The stars are in heaven, the body of Christ on earth.


f) – The outstanding person in every event or activity is not the Apostle, not the Prophet, and so on., is the Person of Christ.


7) – So you have to reveal the Kingdom, this will facilitate the help of others, lest they get stuck.


8) – To achieve your prophetic destiny, you must work under a team concept.


F) – S. Matthew 13: 47 and 48: “… the kingdom of heaven is like a net …” Among other things, this subject we are talking about.


1) – To work together, we must work in support.

a) – Attachment is not someone who is above you with one foot on your head.


b) – Attachment is being tied to the other, holding the other.


c) – For you and the other does not fall, for the echo to be attached, seized.


d) – For a network that consists of nodes that hold together the same network.


2) – When no body is revealed, it is revealed Kingdom.


3) – Ecclesiastes 4:7 to 9: “… Woe to him alone! …” This is a judgment of trial and sorrow for not respecting the designs of God.


a) – Eradicate the individualistic and competitive spirit.


b) – we attract people with apostolic mentality.


c) – We receive the kingdom like children, without questioning the designs of the Father.


G) – The crisis we have today, is of obedience, the problem is we have a democratic mind and we enter into the Kingdom.


1) – Many people still do what they want within the Kingdom.


a) – But when you reveal the Kingdom, you understand that this subject, under the authority of the King.


b) – In the Kingdom is not what you want, you obey the King.


c) – In the Kingdom there is no democracy, no cacerolazos, protests, or picketing, only obedience to the King.


d) – Jesus says, “a commandment I give unto you,” and a warrant raises questions not only to obey.


e) – We are surrounded by disobedient people that if you talk loud, angry and leave.


2) – Men and women are called to obey Kingdom.


a) – need to conduct trades with this thinking.


b) – should be to transition and incorporate into our minds obedience.


c) – People is dedicated if you want, if you want to tithe, an offering if you want, if you want to gather, use if you want, etc..


d) – But this is a suicide and equivocal position within the Kingdom.


e) – The theme of the Kingdom is “this is my son, obey him.”


3) – You have to train people in the areas of the Kingdom, not waste time questioning what Scripture supports chelates.




A) – Vision is to see in advance, or see what has not happened yet.


1) – So Paul prays “that they may open the eyes of understanding.”


2) – Many must remove his own vision that prevents them from seeing what God is doing and wants to do.


B) – Purpose is to aim to achieve.


C) – The programs and departments are human regulations are matters of men.


1) – But the vision and purpose will move to the principles of the Kingdom.


a) – That’s where you break the mentality, break your program.


b) – But then you realize that the Lord called you to serve in different dimensions.


c) – Programs, traditions and customs, have limits, but the purpose and vision of the Lord.


d) – Therefore the Lord said the man’s spirit is like the wind, unlimited, unlimited.


2) – why not from transitioning every Pastor of a church with a parochial mentality minded church apostolic


a) – ministries will be limited.


b) – Never check the good and acceptable and perfect will of God with them.


D) – When you know you have been called to a task without limits, you never fail to prepare.


1) – You never let your secret place with God, because you know how it begins, but never know how it ends.


2) – You’re going to shoot a divine dimension, where you will never be able to handle (because only God manages these dimensions).


3) – You must break all bounds to stop its spread, (program and department).


E) – Change terminology limited, yours is small and temporary, as the United limitless, infinite and eternal.




A) – Of course you have to win people, but Jesus does not say that amontones people, He said to make disciples.


1) – Wanting to have crowds is not bad, the problem is no disciple.


a) – All it does is have numbers, not children.


2) – Training disciples have to do with work and the disciples come from different ages, cultures, backgrounds, etc..


3) – We must be disciples of Jesus, not our fans.


a) – Our motives must be clear.


b) – Some are fans of them and when they leave the church, take their followers.


c) – Very few make disciples of Jesus, is providing notice that spirit.


d) – Jesus said to preach and win people, but also tells you that the reports on the principle of education.


B) – This is an unresolved matter of church teaching.


1) – The church with religious and democratic mentality is not teachable. They know everything.


2) – In the apostolic church mentality should not miss teaching.(Proverbs 4:1 to 27 / Hosea 4:6).


a) – Let the ignorance, improvisation.


b) – Jesus was never improvised, He knew what to do.


c) – You can not help knowing what to do.


d) – You can not afford ignorance.


3) – It is unfortunate to see pastors across the nation under a cloak of ignorance terrible, unaware of the Scripture.


a) – How will they be revelation?


b) – What kind of disciples can be?


4) – When you understand this, you will prepare, train and never going to say “I already know.”


a) – You should be prepared to keep learning.


b) – Must have a teachable mind.


c) – should be trained to impart what God is in your spirit.


C) – not just to win people, because that does not end there, however, there begins the work to take them to be disciples of Christ.


1) – That the structure is broken thinking that all you have to do the Pastor.


a) – the church is to be activated.


b) – The terminology of the New Testament, is to challenge the church to be active in the dynamics of the Kingdom.


c) – When disclosing Kingdom, is just the days of comfort.




A) – Music is the pathway through which runs the vision.


1) – need to move from one style of singing great lyrics, sing the current view.


2) – The songs that build today are composed of men that beat with the apostolic vision.


a) – Their aim is not to write songs with egotistical desires, but to build the body of Christ.


3) – Music is the tool that the Lord has given to the Psalmists.


a) – In it dwells the Holy Spirit.


b) – All creativity comes from Him


B) – The tradition in music runs deep and there is no renewal.


1) – always sing what another does not turn up and creative ability.


2) – The musicians have been limited within a structure, when the Holy Spirit has high ability to create and compose.


a) – In the secret place God gives vision to write songs that build up the Body of Christ.


C) – Now is the time to write what the Holy Spirit is doing.


1) – anointing level then shoots up to another dimension.


2) – Then sing, not because it is known, but because we are going to minister to the Father.


D) – In the apostolic revelation comes by the Holy Spirit.


1) – So break the customs, styles, behaviors.


2) – Then all is renewed to a supernatural dimension where no human routine.


a) – In the Lord’s presence is fullness of joy. (Psalm 16:11).


E) – Many people come, bored, tired and goes because there is no renewing of the Holy Spirit, and that’s for the songs.


1) – The Holy Spirit is in me to dictate the revelation sung out I will be only a good musician.


a) – To be a responsible minister of a better covenant.


b) – That the congregation provided all the vision that the Holy Spirit has revealed to me.


c) – Then I will sing pretty songs to minister the Father’s heart at a higher level.




A) – For years the churches have been ruled by elders and deacons.


1) – To this day endure because they acted in the training they received in the past.


2) – So now you pay attention to the training they are receiving.


a) – Listen to good mentors.


b) – Interact with people of the Kingdom.


c) – Everyone is suggestible when it relates.


3) – If you at this time gets a bad training, bad beginning.


a) – What will transmit going to be bad.

      b) – Because you are taught wrong.


c) – You must use discernment.


B) – Woe to those who are not trained, who do not study, those who do not read, those who are not prepared.


1) – Ignorance limits you, builds knowledge.


2) – No one reaches its prophetic destiny in ignorance.


a) – This is not magic, you have to draw on the best word.


b) – This is a key time, redímalo listening to God.


C) – Determine to break the level it has today, there is more to God for you.


1) – But if you do not want, do not despair if you so if you are not hungry for greater things:


a) – It will be terribly limited.


b) – The people of the spirit is not limited, always above all obstacles.


c) – For God and God seeks to break barriers.


D) – The elders and deacons are not a government ministry, they are a ministry of service.


1) – They acted on the formation of the past, but will have to adapt to what God is revealing today.


2) – The deacon, elder, are temporary ministries.


a) – But there are places where they send more than the Pastor.


b) – Today may be a deacon, maybe not tomorrow, not trade.


3) – We must change the thinking of who is the ruler.


a) – is a labor of love, of service.


b)-The Bible supports it, but it is not government, is service.


E) – In the transition move forward to put things in place that God has already revealed long ago.


1) – In this type of meeting you come to be trained.


a) – In a workout first thing is correct.

b) – If you are not willing to be corrected is dangerous.


c) – Because you can go as it has and no strategy will work.


2) – There are things that worked, you have to leave.


a) – Because they stand to what God wants to do.


3) – When you say you are our Lord, we are saying, you’re the boss.


a) – The one above, you are the boss.


b) – So I have to give up my program.


c) – I have to stick to their policies.


4) – I’ll make up what is on my mind and I will allow the design is set on me.


F) – Another issue is the dedocracia eradicate, has betrayed the appearance and samuelismo.


1) – How many people are positioned in places by appearance and not by heart.


2) – The apostolic-minded leadership can not function by appearances, but theocracy.


a) – Acts 13:1 to 3: “… Barnabas and Saul …”.


b) – What Saul? Yes, because he said the Holy Spirit.


c) – The transition from pastoral to apostolic appearance takes you to the divine decision.


d) – There are people in the kingdom which is not attractive at all, but has the right heart.


e) – The pint is not important. What do you say the Holy Spirit?


3) – Acts 9:6 “… Lord, what wilt thou have me do? …”


a) – When you get that question is because your spirit for the first time has expired.


b) – And you’re transitioning to the design of the Father.


c) – The policy and institutional issues do not come, come by the Holy Spirit.


4) – Matters of the Holy Spirit break the human program.


a) – have to see the faces of the brothers, when the Holy Spirit said, “Separate me Barnabas and Saul.”


b) – the tormented, now set apart for the ministry.


c) – People that was not in our program, but in God.


d) – Man looks at the outside, God looks at your heart.


5) – Your heart surrendered to the Lord, it causes you to be stuck in another dimension where supernatural things happen suddenly.


a) – Because it is aligned with the Holy Spirit will do things accurately.


b) – David to have a heart to God’s reign ended inthe nation.


G) – The Apostolic Church allows the theocracy, the government of God.


1) – why men get up on it after his own heart.


2) – God examines where men can not be examined.


a) – The Holy Spirit has no margin of error, He never makes a mistake.


3) – In apostolic times, the Holy Spirit raises people’s spirit, with a different characteristic.


a) – not people looking for shortcuts, but people who look for Him


4) – Under the rule of the Holy Spirit there is no misunderstanding, if one day you called, He will finish the work in you.


a) – When He selected, for a reason.


b) – There was no margin for error in your call.


c) – It is sad to see people’s spirit giving way to those who position themselves as human beings.


5) – The theocracy is returning to the house of God and man can not lift a finger.




A) – You will have to raise an apostolic team as far as your congregation grows.


1) – You must abandon the mentality of wanting to do ministry.Self-sufficiency is being broken.


2) – You’ll have to get up and prepare leaders to share responsibilities.


a) – Even if you have to take risks.


b) – You have greatness when trust in others.


3) – Greatness in the Kingdom is recognized that there will always be people who know more than you.


a) – God gave these people, give them the opportunity to position themselves in God.


b) – As one day you gave him that chance.


4) – Nobody is going to usurp your leadership, forget the ghosts of the past.


a) – is a blessing when you get up under your parenting people with more charisma.


b) – If you have a clear identity and relationship with whom you positioned, do not fear any sabotage.


5) – The religious mind will always try to smother people with distinctive gifts.


a) – or they know more than them.


B) – Provide opportunities for people, not to atrophy and to develop spiritually.


1) – Do not be stifling, allowing the development of others.


a) – In all other orders will always be better than you.


b) – For God did not stop, and each generation must be better than the last.


2) – dwarf mentality is to think you can do it all and they do all die before their time.


a) – In the book “God’s Generals,” we see extraordinary people but many of them died prematurely.


C) – So the biggest revelation in the Kingdom is the body, you must learn to prepare people.


1) – Jesus did not need 12 people to establish the Kingdom, He could have done alone.


a) – But in the perfect design in which He came to fulfill, since its conception the Father said, “Us”.


b) – God is always working in teams.


2) – In the mind of Christ there is no individuality, no equipment, no body, no recognition to the other.


a) – There are opportunities for everyone.


b) – There is freedom to develop and train in their craft.


c) – There is no selfishness.


3) – People are selfish self, does not, is castrating, is dangerous.


4) – Lift up your computer, right people, trained people to use (Hebrews 5:14).




A) – The barrenness was a curse in the Old Testament, and it is today in the church.


1) – S. John 10:10: “… I have come that they may have life and have it in abundance …”.


a) – The life of Christ is in you, is abundant and to multiply you.


2) – You do not have to receive anointing, because they already have.


a) – What you need to do is activate it.


b) – Find out what God is already in you, what kind of anointing moves you.


3) – When you understand that is a different religion, but in a different realm:


a) – With a different nature, with a different dynamic.


b) – You cancel active sterility and fertility.


c) – Active life, you have a dead spirit, dry, you have a living spirit, active, cheerful, happy, etc..


4) – The life of God dwells in you mightily, and you are trained to be a father and multiply.


a) – to produce children of Jesus.


b) – To engender dreams of Jesus.


c) – You have unlimited life and can provide unlimited life.

  B) – 1 John 2:27: “… but the anointing you received from Him abides in you …”.


1) – You have a high capacity to deliver Jesus Christ’s life which is still in you.


a) – The anointing cancels the time of sterility.


b) – You have to give life to the church, so that she played.


2) – The sheep must play sheep and the shepherd, shepherds.


a) – This is the system organized by God divinely.


b) – With the self-pastoral system, the church added.


c) – In the apostolic church multiplies.


C) – Acts 2:43 and 47: “And the Lord added to the church daily those who …”


1) – The church experienced multiplication because it was within the design of God.


2) – Every blessing is conditioned inthe Bible, if we multiply:


a) – We must adjust to God’s program.


b) – “… but seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and everything else …”


3) – The United dynamics is simple, but the problem is that the thinking area of ​​the church, is stunted.


a) – For traditions, customs and religion.


b) – This does not allow God’s program is activated.


4) – What God requires is clearly reflected inthe Bible.


a) – The men’s is not inthe Bible.


D) – To activarme to God’s program, I will cancel my comfort and I must work and struggle.


1) – 2 Timothy 2:1: In time of grace, the grace not work for people struggling.


2) – do not make people lazy, are not people, do not send people and so on.


3) – have to work, sloths in the Kingdom do not multiply, they activate death rather than life change.


a) – Proverbs 24:30 to 34: “I passed the lazy man’s field …”.

4) – When you enter the apostolic, everything speeds up, but you have to work hard.


a) – must have the mentality of the extra mile. (Matthew 5:41).


b) – We must go beyond the usual.


c) – We must draw strength from weakness. (Joel 3:10).


d) – No place for excuses: you need wisdom (James 1:5).


e) – I can not say no, because “everything I can in Christ …” (Philippians 4:13).


5) – There is no excuse for those who are determined to enter the dimension of the designs of God.


a) – Progress in times of transition, we’re almost there.


b) – God pays him working for God is God of rewards. (1 Corinthians 15:57 and 58).


c) – Take the right mindset and be diligent in what he does.




A) – Dreaming big means giving up the mental shackles limit God in the apostolic.


1) – Changing the terminology of “unknown”, “I can”, “I have”, “one of those,” “may,” “maybe” …


2) – Relinquish mental bondage “few but good.”


a) – This will endure in the past, but not today.


b) – Not for you nor for me, just so the Holy Spirit is doing on earth.


3) – Everything is getting bigger and will have to raise new disciples, new musicians, etc..


4) – When it triggers the blessing of God, everything you shoot from your hands.


B) – God is taking risks with us and we miss what God’s great because we will not take risks with students.


1) – But in times of growth, multiplication and blessing is to take risks.


a) – have to work with vision and faith.


C) – As long as you stick to the designs of God, the more blessings will come and also greater opposition.


1) – So you have to strengthen and advance work.


a) – So when you get the opposition to stop you will not find you.


b) – The opposition, discouragement and despair are due in the revelation of you positioned in the place of your prophetic destiny.


c) – So you thought you block all contrary, every curse word canceled and you’re still dreaming about God.


2) – For the dreamers God will reveal divine and supernatural events that will put things in place.


3) – All that cost you time, effort, struggle, sadness, loneliness, is suddenly changed.


4) – God is a God morbid to be pregnant your spirit with a dream, and then not give it to you.


a) – Your dream takes a process takes time, but will be realized.


b) – God does not bumble your emotions.


c) – Psalm 40:1 “I waited patiently for the Lord …”


5) – Nothing is by chance, everything has a specific purpose in God. Do not let the design time of transition.


6) – This is the hour of God in God’s agenda to release all that for years has been prepared.


a) – For the right motivated dreamers.


7) – greater things, are specific and important about to happen.


a) – will be released to people who are aligned to the designs of the Kingdom.


D) – Many things are changing and many more still missing.

Apostle Héctor Hugo Pacheco

Apostolic Network Emanuel



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